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One key technology for all industries ))

Virtually all sectors of industry today need to use plastic parts, create secure bonds by welding/riveting thermoplastics and embed metal parts in plastic. The use of our products in the market is as diverse as these applications them­selves. We offer the right solution for all applications in the most diverse of industries.

Ultrasonic welding Industry solutions Plastic welding

Plastic welding

Ultrasonic welding Industry solutions Packaging technology

Packaging technology

Ultraschall Industry solutions - Food Cutting

Food cutting

Ultrasonic welding Industry solutions Nonwovens


Ultrasonic welding Industry solutions Embossing



Fügetechnik für Automobilanwendungen

Ultraschallschweißen liefert bei kurzen Taktzeiten hochwertige Verbindungen zwischen Kunststoffen und eignet sich für hohe Qualitäts­anforderungen bei großen Stück­zahlen. …


31 May – 02 June 2016

Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning
Messegelände Stuttgart, Germany



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